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All our audit partners and managers have international or equivalent Egyptian qualifications, having an extensive experience with previous work experience in international audit, accounting and consultancy firms.


Public Accountants and Consultants

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Human Resource

Elevate your human resource management with our Human Resource Consulting Services. As trusted advisors, our team of Chartered Accountants collaborates seamlessly with businesses to optimize HR processes, foster a productive work environment, and ensure compliance with evolving employment regulations.
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Our Bookkeeping and Financial Management Services offer meticulous and professional solutions to businesses seeking precise financial record-keeping, compliance, and strategic financial insights. As experienced financial advisors, our team of Chartered Accountants ensures that your financial foundation is robust, transparent, and primed for success.
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Business Meeting

BM Consulting

Our Business Management Consulting Services offer a holistic approach to financial management, strategic planning, and operational excellence. As trusted advisors, our team of seasoned Chartered Accountants collaborates closely with businesses to drive sustainable growth, enhance profitability, and ensure financial resilience.


At Hesham El-Tohamy & Co., our goal always remains the same, no matter the type of client we work with. Simply put, we strive to give you an accurate picture of your financial situation. Doing so allows you to operate with less stress and more profit.

For individuals looking for help with tax filing, we offer a personal touch and precision to support our customers. For businesses, we provide services that assess overall Chartered Accountant and Consulting services, and we deliver regular reports that are clear, digestible, and actionable. Contact us today to begin a valuable partnership.

Office with a View

Consulting Service for value creation integrated with innovative use of technology

HT & Co. Technology consultants search for innovative ways to help your business become more responsive, profitable and sustainable. We can re-innovate a process or system where the need for a solution isn’t apparent. Recommend cutting-edge solutions. And integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and data analytics into your processes and procedures to help drive efficiency, support new approaches to business analysis and growth planning, and enable true transformation.


No matter what area or challenge you’re tackling, we can help.  Informed by our work with clients across industries and around the world, we pinpoint the most relevant insights and identify and apply integrated technologies in new, innovative ways to empower your people, minimize business disruption, optimize workflows, maximize impact, and deliver results, faster. Reimagining how people and businesses work to unlock new value.


Applying digital technologies to empower people, optimize processes and automate an organization's systems to radically reorient its business performance.

By mapping out the social networks of our customers, we can acquire data that can prove valuable across the entire field of CRM.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Supply chain leaders able to seize the opportunities of technology will be able to rapidly respond to changing business needs, more easily mitigate risks, report against changing regulatory needs, deliver new services and capabilities for customers and create more productive and informed workplaces. 

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Outsourcing your payroll and auto-enrolment requirements can streamline your business processes by removing the complex task of keeping on top of taxation and employment legislative changes as well as the actual administrative task of paying your employees. 

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