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The appropriate bookkeeping method is essential whether you manage most of your accounting yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Saving you Valuable Time


A variety of tax services are offered for Egypt and the Middle East by HT & Co. Our tax team works with clients to identify possibilities for tax planning and with you to create tax-effective plans that enhance financial success.
One of the most challenging areas for business owners to manage is accounts and taxes. You probably aren't an expert in business taxes, and because they are so crucial to running a business, you want your accounting and business tax in capable hands.

​Every day, our staff of professional bookkeepers deals with all types of Taxes and keeps up with all the evolving rules and regulations. They will ensure that you stay fully compliant and advise you on all commitments of Taxes for your company.

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Tax Services

  • Corporate tax.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT).

  • Salaries tax.

  • Dividend tax.

  • Corporate tax audit

  • Prepare and submit all kinds of tax returns on behalf of clients.

  • Represent clients in tax inspection.

  • Settlement of all pending tax issues.

  • Tax Planning.

  • Business Startup support.

  • Personal tax advice and compliance.

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Tax Audit

The HT & Co. team aims to help clients overcome tax changes and innovations and help them quickly adapt to the modern tax system (digital government) in all tax aspects as follows:

  • Review the payroll tax monthly.

  • Reviewing the first, second and third quarter of the year for the salary tax.

  • Reviewing the final settlement at the end of the year.

  • Reviewing all inputs and outputs affecting the monthly value-added declaration.

  • Review deduction forms from under the tax account.

  • Reviewing the company’s annual tax return.


Digital Transformation

The primary goal to provide revolutionizing taxation processes is to enhance the financial resources of the Egyptian state, the significant advantages of digitizing tax operations, particularly the optimization of tax revenues, while acknowledging the tremendous effort exerted by the Egyptian government to ensure the success.
With the commitment of the Ministry of Finance to unify the databases of taxpayers in both tax and customs authorities.
This integration also includes linking the electronic invoice system, which tracks commercial transactions for companies in real time, with the Unified National Trade Platform (Nafeza), which monitors imports and exports instantaneously.

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